Phi Tau to have 100% Compostable Milque & Cookies!

I’m really pleased to note that for the first time ever, Phi Tau’s summer Milque & Cookies event will be 100% post-consumer compostable. (Milque & Cookies is a termly event in which the brothers bake a couple thousand cookies and serve them alongside an ice-cream-and-milk concoction)

For a few years Phi Tau has done a great job of recycling and composting as much as possible during baking and other prep for the event. During the event itself, milk jugs and plastic ice cream containers are recycled, and the waxy-paper ice cream cream tubs are composted.

Unfortunately, it’s been cumbersome to have one bin for plastic cups and another for cookies and paper towels and nigh impossible to get all of the students to properly sort their waste. But this term I’ve helped the brothers find a source for biodegradable plastic cups, so Phi Tau will be able to set out one bin and compost everything!

The compostable cups are currently quite a bit more expensive than the “dinosaur plastic” cups, and concerns have been raised about the use of GM corn and large quantities of pesticides in their creation. I’m currently working with a group of people at Dartmouth to try to find the most sustainable cup possible, but in the meantime it’s great to take this first little step toward using compostable cups.

I’ll make a post after the event with pictures and all that sexy jazz. In the meantime, feel free to add a comment with a guess of how many pounds of compost we’ll generate.


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