BlitzMail flashback…

I was looking up some articles on The Dartmouth when I ran across an article from 1995 about BlitzMail.

The article was humorous in nature, but some piece of it really showed how active development was at that time:

But, with the passage of time, many integral aspects of Dartmouth have changed, the most basic of which involve Kiewit’s bi-annual updates of our beloved BlitzMail. We now have campus-wide bulletins, unlimited nickname space, blind carbon copies, address books and instantaneous delivery. As fond as I am of the original grind-it-out BlitzMail system, I have gradually become accustomed to the technological wizardry that has accompanied my four-year stint at Dartmouth.

Oh BlitzMail, you have your quirks, but you were amazingly good at what you did, especially during the time you were under active development. You will be missed.


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