H1N1: How we test for it and why there’s no FDA-cleared test

Oink, oink. Yes, one of those ILIs has caught up with me and I’m currently stuck in bed sipping water and battling a fever that makes me wonder if I could fry eggs on my forehead.

The CDC has some nifty graphs and tables on their website. You can learn about everything from the number of illnesses reported by US region to Antiviral resistance. In case you thought that H1N1 was some kind of trumped-up wimp on the block, note that

all 2009 H1N1 viruses tested since April 2009 have been resistant to the adamantanes (amantadine and rimantadine).

Oh great, just what we need: more superbugs!
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Sustainability at DHMC: Reuse those foam plates!

I was in line at the cafeteria last week when someone from one of the other offices in my building said “Oh, when did they start using china in this cafeteria?” I had to politely tell the woman that DHMC was not deploying reusable dishes at all of its cafeterias and that I bring my own plate and just wash it afterwards. “Oh, what a good idea!” she said, “I should bring my own plate sometimes. Washing it off afterwards isn’t too hard.”

Handwashing isn’t that difficult, but washing off all of the dishes in a central location, using an auto dishwasher, would probably save money and water, and would certainly save a time for all of the people working in the building. There would be an initial outlay and ongoing expense to stock the china and deal with breakages and so forth, but it would be a great step for sustainability.
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Green Cleaning at DHMC

This past Friday Ashley the Younger and I had an opportunity to meet with Jay Welenc, Operations Manager of Housekeeping Services at DHMC. Ashley and I got a lot of good tips about green cleaning products and learned some ways to make our cleaning more effective. We even got to see DHMC’s ActiveIon space-age “activated water” spray bottle.

Ashley and I have been working on moving Phi Tau away from unsustainable, harsh chemical cleaning products and towards green cleaning products. We’ve been trying to find sources for products and figure out which products are most effective. Central Stores carries some environmentally-friendly products, but doesn’t offer consultation on which products work well and why we should use them.

While researching products online I remembered seeing a presentation by DHMC Housekeeping talking about the new sustainable and green cleaning products the Hospital is using. With such a strong interest in green products, I was sure that the Housekeeping department would be able to help us out.
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