Mark your calendars: LibreOffice Bugzilla Migration is 1 month away!

tdf-walrus_experiment-iconWhat did you hope to get this Christmas? A new sled? A new laptop? Free Software that can fill out PDF forms?[1]

The LibreOffice QA Team has been hoping to migrate our bugtracker to our own infrastructure for the past year, and after a bunch of testing and experimenting, this January our wish is coming true!

On January 24th, 2015, The Document Foundation will commence migration of our bugtracker from infrastructure to TDF-hosted machines. Migration will give us increased flexibility to extend and modify the underlying Bugzilla code to match our needs, integrate other TDF services with the bug tracker, and provide more granular services for projects such as the Impress Remote and the Document Liberation Project.

Starting at 15:00 UTC (16:00 CET, 10:00 EST, 07:00 PST, link for all time zones), engineers from TDF and Freedesktop will disable access to the instance of Bugzilla for approximately 4 hours. Bugzilla will be inaccessible during the migration, both for entering new bugs as well as searching for and viewing existing reports. During this break we’ll move all bugs related to LibreOffice, the Android and iOS Impress Remotes, and other TDF tools, and will concurrently migrate dependent infrastructure services such as the Bug Submission Assistant (BSA).

Once the migration is complete, Bugzilla will be accessible at

Join us in the #libreoffice-qa channel on Freenode or on the QA Mailing List at any time during or after the migration for up-to-date information about our progress.

All current contributors to LibreOffice should read the Migration Userguide carefully to understand the changes that will take place.

Happy Bug Hunting!

Robinson Tryon
QA Engineer – The Document Foundation


For detailed information about the scheduled migration, read our Bugzilla Migration wiki page or email Robinson.

[1] Annoyingly enough, we haven’t found a good way to fill out PDF forms without installing proprietary tools. Thankfully LibreOffice can do a decent job of importing PDF forms as text, which one can then edit and tweak, then save-out again as a (non-form) PDF.

One thought on “Mark your calendars: LibreOffice Bugzilla Migration is 1 month away!

  1. Happy New Year, LibreOffice! – Things that have escaped from my mind

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