Upping the ante: A website of organized nonsense

Yes, ladies and gents, you are looking at the proud owner of a new domain weighing approximately…well, howevermuch a bunch of electrons weigh these days. Actually, you’re looking at your computer screen, as am I gazing upon mine as I thwack upon my keys, composing this blog post, but let’s look past that little detail in the interests of moving things along, shall we?


In true wömblian fashion (and yes, you naysayers, that umlauted beauty tucked neatly into the beginning of this sentence is indeed a word, at least in the environs of this website) I have procured a domain entirely appropriate for me. Without meaning to hurt any feelings, whether it is appropriate for you or not is not really any of my concern at the moment. It’s my domain, I’m hanging on to it, and you can’t have it. So there!

…still there? Good, I didn’t really mean to ruffle your feathers. Just…you know….got a new toy and all, still feeling a bit possessive and all that.

Rest assured, good people, that I have chosen a delightful name. A name that pays tribute to the wonderful and marvelous Edward Lear, a name with a unique panache, and a name with only a few hundred Google hits. To put it another way, of course it had to be unique: all of the shorter, more obvious domain names have long ago been snatched up!

I had hoped to come up with some rather clever or witty reason to explain why I can’t tell you the domain name yet. I was thinking that it might have something to do with ruining the stock market (already happened), secret Cold War espionage (the Cold War’s been over for 20 years), or the electricity going out in my house, resulting in me having to eat all of the ice cream in my freezer, thus giving me an incredible headache, leading to a flash of brilliance in which I invent a time machine, go back a dozen years, and prevent Barney the Dinosaur from ever being created (or something like that). Well, I think you can see quite plainly how well that brainstorming session turned out.

The long and the short of it is that I registered my domain, but I haven’t had time to put put any content yet. I know, I know, it’s an extremely lame excuse. But it’s also totally true: If you go to my domain today, all you’ll see is a lonely directory listing showing only the two files favicon.ico and favicon.gif. But it’s also true that I’ve been trying to get holiday cards done, sort out random boxes of papers that I may or may not have written a decade ago, and catch up with family and friends.

And I’ve been making sauerkraut. Delicious, delicious sauerkraut. And I’m going to claim that the sauerkraut has been the cabbage that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. With so much to do, I just haven’t had time to website-it-up.

But soon, it will be complete. A fully-functional battle station shiny website. I may transition my blog over there, but moving the blog and other hosted resources certainly won’t happen right away.

Keep watching this space for updates! Just don’t hold your breath — I always seem to be busy with more and more things!



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