Maple Syrup: Testing out the Pig

A few weekends ago I brought a few friends over to my place and we tested out the Pig.

The Pig is my homemade maple syrup evaporator. It’s got a body made out of a 55 gallon metal drum, legs from Cyrus’s futon frame, a front damper/door made out of a discarded STOP sign, and a chimney made out of old heating duct.


I had some friends over for a “no electronics” day. We had good food, tested out the Pig, read some stories, and generally enjoyed ourselves.


Aubrey wore her big floppy hat.

The chimney pipe is a double-wall construction, and unfortunately the inner wall is made out of a much softer metal that melted in the heat. The chimney has been temporarily welded to the frame — it might take a torch or another fire to fix this problem.


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