Live Blogging: Sykes Free Concert Series

Okay, so I’m going to try out this live blogging thing. No promises.

We’re currently at the Sykes Free Concert at Collis Commonground. This concert is (or perhaps all such concerts are?) funded by Jack Wehner ’74. The concerts are dedicated to Music professor Jim Sykes and his wife Clay.

Tonight we’re hearing music by Boismortier (Concerto), Abreu (Tico tico no fuba), Telemann (Duo), Rossini (Quartet) and Brahms (Sonata for violin and piano). Nothing by our perennial favorite, P.D.Q. Bach. Tsk, tsk.

We’re currently noshing on local cider, apples, bread, cheeses and ice cream.

Update: One of the musicians for the first piece was missing, so they had another piece instead.

Also, the piano is crazy sharp. So the flautist (honest, that’s what you call ’em) can’t get his instrument in tune. Our advice: lip it real good.

There’s about 40 people here. Seems like good turnout.

Update: There’s a guy sitting on the sidelines with a bassoon. It’s too bad it’s a bassoon and not just a piece of a set of bagpipes, ’cause that would be like the best set of bagpipes, ever. I guess that you could get some bassoonists together and make them play like a set of bagpipes. That would be cool.

Also, they may have had Local Foods at the event, but they didn’t have sweet, juicy Local Melons, as advertised by Vital Communities. Too bad.

Update: Now there’s a flute quartet. They’re going to play a concerto by Joseph Bodin de Boismortier who, the leader tells us, was an independent composer, i.e. he didn’t have a patron paying his way. He was one of the first to get rich without financial patronage.

Update: “Rossini!” called out the man in charge. Actually, it was time for another piece, but the whole thing was already amusing, as the way he called it out it was as if he was calling Rosinni up to the stage as a mother calls her children in for dinner.

Surprisingly, Rossini didn’t show up. Some people might say that’s because he’s been dead for about 140 years. I just attribute it to laziness. The flight to Dartmouth from Florence just takes too long, he’d probably say.

Update: Bassoon, french horn, flute, and clarinet. Another fun piece.

And that’s about it. Too bad none of those composers showed up.


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