Recycling and Composting at Phi Tau

Phi Tau does an amazing job recycling and composting as much as possible. There has been a long line of dedicated recycling chairs/sustainability coordinators over the years, and the current officer, Ashley Morishige, has continued to expand and improve the system.

Recycling and composting in any situation can take time and energy, but recycling and composting at a fraternity can be an especially big challenge! Thankfully, Phi Tau has amazing support from the FO&M people that pick up all of the trash, recycling, compost, and bulk trash.

I’ve assembled a gallery of photos on my Zooomr account which you can view in blog format here.

Here’s a view of the outside bins:

And the inside bins:

Composting paper towels:

The Compost Camel is Watching You:

Compost (do not recycle people that are still alive):

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