Zooomr Simple Organizer

Zooomr is a nifty service. Unfortunately, the user interface has some problems.

For example, I can’t make the default license be CC-BY-SA. 99%+ of my photos are going to be CC-BY-SA, but I can’t just set that as the default. There are also no batch operations, so I can’t just select all freegeek pics and change the license.

Thankfully there is a Greasemonkey script to partially solve these problems. Zooomr Simple Organizer will put an “Organize” button in your top menu between “Home” and “You”. I couldn’t find it at first and wondered if the script was actually doing anything useful. If you get confused, just log into Zooomr and click this link.

Anyhow, install Greasemonkey and the script. They’re not perfect, but they will save you a lot of time.


One thought on “Zooomr Simple Organizer

  1. qubit's status on Monday, 06-Jul-09 16:38:02 UTC - Identi.ca

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