Official Palm Pre FOSS site coming soon

After a spirited discussion on slashdot and some emails, I’ve finally found a lead on where to get the linux kernel sources for the Palm Pre. Here’s what they have to say:

From: Opensourcequestions [at] Palm


Many thanks for the email.

We are in the process of preparing the packages and our modifications
to upload them to our open source web site –

The specific page where the packages will be posted is: For now, the page says
“Coming soon” but we expect to have the packages ready and uploaded
in about 2 weeks.

All the best,
Palm Open Source Team

I know, I know… waiting means you’ll be idle and idle hands do the devil’s work. But you’ll just have to sit on those idle hands for a few days and dream of a Pre running a Free-Software-only stack.

UPDATE (2009-06-21):

Palm’s open source website now shows a list of packages available for download. It looks like they’re distributing upstream tarballs alongside tarballs of their patches.


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