On supporting FLOSS charities…

Bradley Kuhn has a nice post on his blog telling us to Support Your Friendly Neighborhood FLOSS Charities. He writes:

“I believe that if each person who has benefited seriously from FLOSS gave $200/year, we’d make a substantial change and a wonderful positive impact on the non-profit organizations that shepherd and keep these FLOSS projects alive.”

$200/year works out to about $0.55/day. As I suggest in Free Software starts in your pocket, if you pay for things using cash, make about 7-8 purchases each week, and save the change, you’ll end up with $200+ at the end of the year. Just empty the coin jar whenever it gets full, give the hard coin to a local charity, and give an equivalent amount to a Free Software non-profit.

We all have crappy days, unsure if we’ve actually gotten anything done, so when you give money to a Free Software non-profit remember that you’ve given someone else the opportunity to get something useful done. Sometimes it’s difficult to go home after a long day of work, sit down, and make substantial useful contributions to a Free Software project. Your brain is fried, so flex your economic muscle instead.

It’s so simple that you can do it right now. In fact, don’t just think about the idea, go ahead and do it right now! Pull out the change in your pocket and put it in a cup on your desk. There you go — Free Software just got $0.34 more in funding.

Money isn’t everything, but a certain amount of it is vital to keeping our Free Software ecosystem not only alive, but growing. Start right now.


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